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Rideshare, Rental and Delivery Electrification


EVNoire has collaborated with the largest national players in Rideshare, Rental and Delivery to accelerate adoption. 

Rideshare: We collaborated with Uber to facilitate research to create the strategy around the company's platform electrification strategy. EV Adoption among this community of high vehicle mile drivers.
Rental Car Companies: Facilitated training for rideshare companies to drivers who are considering or currently renting EVs for use on rideshare platforms.
Delivery Network Companies: Most American households

Our team works with the leading rideshare companies advising them on their electrification strategy as well as leading the implementation of the latter strategies ensuring that all communities are included.

Our analysis explores the hurdles that rideshare drivers face when transitioning from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles. Using our research findings, we have explored EV myths, facilitated driver EV 101 training, facilitated ride and drives, informed rideshare driver education and outreach campaigns, and more seeking the ultimate goal of normalizing EV adoption. We continually seek to understand the EV adoption landscape to assist our partners with efficient and cost-effective transitions to electrification.


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