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Who we are

We are a team of diverse e-mobility professionals including Engineers, Transportation/Mobility Professionals, Mobility Researchers/Data Analysts, EV Charging SMEs, EV/AV SMEs, Urban Planners, and more implementing a human centric data-driven e-mobility and ESG strategies that accelerate the adoption of clean transportation and multimodal e-mobility solutions ranging from e-bikes, light-duty passenger vehicles, e-school buses, e-transit, and autonomous vehicles, sustainable aviation to freight electrification and more.

What we do

Our expertise includes multimodal electric, connected, autonomous, and shared vehicles. We work with a vast array of stakeholders to solve complex mobility solutions. 

EVNoire partners with a diverse range of organizations, including auto manufacturers, transit agencies, utilities, government agencies, public health organizations, regional, developers, aviation, rideshare/rental car companies, charging network companies, and international EV organizations. We have a proven track record of creating human/community-centric data-driven, equitable programs that deliver innovative solutions.

Our Mission

EVNoire's mission is to accelerate an equitable, cleaner, and greener e-mobility future for all.

Our Vision

EVNoire's vision is that e-mobility best practices and e-mobility diversity, equity & inclusion be centered in the transition to zero-emission vehicles

Meet the Team

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