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E-Mobility Landscape Analysis


EVNoire has developed a proprietary model for accessing the E-Mobility needs and opportunities of communities.  We have collaborated with community-based organizations and leaders representing various communities

  • Urban

  • Rural

  • Frontline

  • Underrepresented/Underserved

  • Culturally Diverse (e.g., Black, Latinx, and Tribal Communities)

  • Accessibility

  • Airport & Port Adjacent Communities

  • Veteran Serving

  • etc….

Our work assesses barriers and opportunities to clean transportation and examines best practices in expanding zero-emission mobility beyond light duty with options such as:

  • shared mobility,

  • electric buses,

  • and first/last mile solutions

The purpose of these projects was to identify transportation gaps and opportunities in under-resourced communities and inform the development/enhancement of marketing tools and educational resources to accelerate EV awareness and EV adoption. 

EVNoire’s team of SMEs provides subject matter expertise leading data collection and engagement efforts to assess barriers and facilitate factors to accelerate the use of clean transportation options such as shared mobility, electric buses, vehicles, and first/last mile solutions. Examples of these projects include Central Valley, Detroit, MI, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and many more.


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