EVNoire is the first organization of its kind focused on E-Mobility, Transportation, Energy & Environmental  equity. We specialize in providing engagement to next generation vehicles (electric vehicles), vehicle through our equity mobility models, education and outreach, expanding charging infrastructure, fleet deployment, marketing/launches, workplace charging, public policy advocacy as well providing resources and access to underserved and diverse communities around affordable clean and sustainable energy vehicles and platforms. 

2019 National Award Winners, For Work In E-Mobility, Equity, Inclusion & Integration.  O
ur Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group, works with Companies, Utilities, Non Profits, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Public Health Organizations, Regional & National Groups, Developers as well as Auto Manufacturers to address  the negative impacts of 100 years of habitual use of fossil fuels and climate change to expand the opportunities, market share, and impact of clean and sustainable transportation.





Founders of The Nation's Largest Network of Diverse EV Drivers & Enthusiasts

Vehicle Marketing/ Launches EV + AV Ride & Drives

Electric + Autonomous Vehicle Ride & Drive Events Providing Engagement With Diverse Communities

EV Awareness, Education & Outreach

EV Awareness, Education & Outreach To General Market, Diverse & Underserved Communities

Transportation Energy & Environmental Equity

Transportation, Energy & Environmental Equity Framework/Model Consulting & Implementation

EV Rideshare Strategies

Develop and Implement EV Rideshare Strategies

Online EV Tools

Development of Online Tools, particularly as it relates to targeted demographics

Community Mobility Assessments & Focus Groups

with General Market & Diverse Consumers

Public Health

Public Health Benefits of Zero Emission Vehicles & Impact of Climate Change

EV + AV Marketing Campaigns

Development of EV + AV Marketing Strategies for General Market & Diverse Consumers

E-Mobility For Underserved Communities

Transportation Equity Consulting Particularly as it relates To Underserved Communities

E-Mobility Incentives

Creating & Implementing programming for Mobility Financial Incentives

First & Last Mile

First & Last Mile Strategies

Work Place Charging

Development of EV Workplace Charging

Micro E-Mobility

Micro Mobility Strategies Including Scooters, E-Bikes and more

EV Public Policy

Public Policy Strategy & Consultation

Entertainment/Media Production Clean Transportation

Working with Entertainment Companies To Implement Clean Transportation/Mobility Strategies

EV + AV + Heavy Duty + EV Fleet Deployment

Development of EV, AV Heavy Duty & EV Fleet Deployment Strategy

E-Mobility Accessibility & Feasibility

E-Mobility Workforce / Economic Development Intelligence

E-Mobility Workforce / Economic Development Strategies Particular To Frontline Communities, Incorporating Innovative Technology into Mobility Platforms

Community Engagement & STEM EMobility Learning Lab

Community Engagement & STEM EMobility Learning Lab Engaging Frontline and Diverse Communities

Electric Vehicle Data

1 %

Percentage of consumers who are excited about
the Future of Electric Vehicles 


1 %

Percentage of consumers  who plan to Purchase an 
EV As Their Next Vehicle – 1 to 4 yrs

Our partners have driven over 2.5 Million Zero Emission Miles
2.5 Million Electric Miles Driven By Our Partners & Members 75%
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