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Dr. Shelley Francis

Managing Partner, EVNoire

"Addressing transportation emissions is the public health crisis that we ALL should be talking about and seeking to mitigate its impact"


Dr. Shelley Francis, a former medical school faculty member, is a public health executive, tech entrepreneur, and transportation disruptor. Dr. Francis is the co-founder and Managing Partner at EVNoire. EVNoire is a tech company focused on electric, connected, shared, and autonomous e-mobility solutions. EVNoire’s work focuses on two pillars: E-Mobility Best Practice and E-Mobility Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The EVNoire team specializes in providing business solutions to enhance electrification and decarbonization strategies for utilities, nonprofits, auto manufacturers, charging infrastructure manufacturers, municipalities, transit systems, government agencies, public health organizations, and regional and national organizations, rideshare and delivery network companies to expand this market share. EVNoire also engages communities on workforce development opportunities in the alternative fuel/electric vehicle economy.


Her vision led to the co-founding of the nation’s largest network of diverse EV drivers and enthusiasts, EVHybridNoire, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit with thousands of members and chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. EVHybridNoire, is the first global, multicultural organization focused on increasing EV adoption and awareness in under-represented communities, particularly those most impacted by transportation emissions. EVHybridNoire is one of four national organizing partners for Drive Electric Earth Day and National Drive Electric week. They are also co-founders and founding members of the Global EV Alliance, an advocacy group representing 50+ Countries and 400,000+ EV Drivers/enthusiasts across the globe. Collectively, these organizations work to accelerate EV adoption as well as share best practices and lessons learned.


Dr. Francis is frequently sought out for her expertise in E-Mobility and the public health impacts of transportation emissions along with a host of topics within the electrification sector; she has spoken at Roadmap, VERGE21, ETS, the ACT Expo, the Department of Energy, the American Bar Association, the Essence Festival, the American Lung Association, the Transportation Research Board, advised leadership at the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, EPA and the White House to name a few. She is often featured in national news and journals and publications such as the Baltimore Sun, Columbus Times-Dispatch, Energy News, Forbes, and more. Dr. Francis has been recognized as one of the top Global Women in EVs; she was also featured in the Progressive Change Institute’s report of the top 400 candidates recommended for the Biden-Harris Administration; and she was identified by movmi and Sandra Phillips as one of their top Mobility Leaders. Dr. Francis was the first African American National Board Director for the Electric Vehicle Association, she is a Board member for Greenzbiz’s Transport Advisory Board and Cruise Social Impact Advisory Council and serves as a Board member for the University of Richmond’s Alumni Association.

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