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Georgia Department of Energy (DOE) Project


In partnership with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), EVNoire (EVN) and Clean Cities Georgia (CC-GA), will utilize a multi-year DOE award to ensure that underserved Black communities within three distinct Georgia communities – Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah – are actively engaged and empowered to create and deploy equitable, accessible, electric mobility initiatives.

"Empowering these communities with access to clean mobility is a crucial step toward environmental and social equity," Cyndel Brunell at EVNoire

Utilizing best practices and proprietary frameworks, EVNoire will provide expertise on engaging underserved communities, and facilitate landscape assessments, interviews, and focus groups to inform an education and communications campaign including print/digital components and in-person and virtual events.

The intended audience is: Residents of Albany, Savannah, and Atlanta, Georgia totaling approximately 714,000+ people. The project focuses on rural, semi-urban, and urban communities


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