About Us

EVNoire – Mobility Intelligence Group works with Companies, Transit Agencies, Utilities, Non Profits, Government Agencies, Public Health Groups, Regional & National EV organizations, Developers as well as Auto Manufacturers on all facets of E-Mobility.   We have a proven track record of creating innovative programming and initiatives to address the needs of our partners. In addition, we approach our work from a social justice lens that provides creative solutions as well as equitable outcomes.

Our areas of expertise are multi modal Electric, Connected, Autonomous & Shared Vehicles. We work on projects including Transportation Electrification, Light Rail, Electric School Buses, EV Program Implementation by helping companies, consumers, policy-makers, auto manufacturers and other stakeholders to understand the powerful benefits of cleaner and greener transportation. We provide practical, objective information to help select the best vehicles and strategies for the specific needs of our clients.

The Opportunity:
The way companies, consumers and the country looks at transportation is rapidly changing.  We work to accelerate the shift to next-generation vehicles powered by clean, sustainable, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. EVNoire simplifies the process of E-Mobility and sustainable transportation. What sets our team apart is, we approach this new innovation through a Technology, Equity and Public Health Lens addressing the fact that a one size fits all approach isn’t the best fit for most companies or consumers.

  • Increased Awareness, Engagement and EV Adoption
  • EV / AV Marketing, Ride & Drives  Activations 
  • Implementation & Advocacy For Underserved Communities
  • Future of Work / Economic Development Prioritizing Impacted Communities
  • Safety / Public Health Benefits

EVNoire also founded EVHybridNoire, a non profit that is the Nation’s Largest Network of Diverse Electric Vehicle (EV) Drivers and Enthusiasts. With members across the country EVHybridNoire serves as the voice of diverse communities in the Mobility space. The voice of diverse EV drivers and only national, multicultural organization focused on transportation, energy and environmental equity, providing access for all to next generation vehicles [Electric, Connected, Shared and Autonomous vehicles]. Our focus involves workforce development, public health,  expanding charging infrastructure, education, public policy advocacy as well as providing resources and access to underserved and diverse communities around affordable clean and sustainable energy vehicles and platforms. 

One of our specialties is engaging diverse audiences in this conversation, including:

  • Diverse communities (African American, LatinX, Native & Asian)
  • Disadvantaged/Underserved communities
  • Women (Fastest Growth Sector)
  • Young Professionals – Gen X, Y & Z
  • Immigrant and Refugee, along with Rural communities
  • Multi-Unit Residents (Individuals that live in Apartments/Condos)